Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cereal Ad*

This is my first illustration project. it was to create a magazine ad for my Kelloggs cereal "Wild Pops" The concept of my cereal ad is of my character which is a giraffe in the fields of Africa. It is made to look like a sidewalk chalker chalked it onto a sidewalk. I decided to use that as my concept because I find alot of the sidewalk art work I recieve in emails amazing & fascinating.


My rough drawing is very simple. It isn't set up exactly how I ended up with my final.

Marker Comprehensive*

My marker comprehensive I feel is kind of sloppy. My markers were running out& they ran. I don't really like using those markers. It is set up like my rough. The lines in my marker comp are more cleaner then in my rough but still not quite how I ended up with my final.


My final cereal ad was created in adobe photoshop. I found a picture of a sidewalk & the African landscape in the sunset & live traced them in adobe illustrator. I then put the sunset image on top of the sidewalk image. I brushed the edges of the sunset image to look as if it blended into the sidewalk. I then went to adobe illustrator where I live painted my giraffe & saved it. I then placed my finished giraffe into my photoshop file and added it to the scene. When I was complete I added the words to it.

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